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52317 - Included

Center Cap # 52317 is included. 
Optional Cap #52373 is sold separately.

Each SA72R 17" Wide wheel include a aluminum air valve stem. 
(Part No. S41A2B)


JWL / VIA Tested & Certified

WedsSport SA72R 17" Wide Spec. was specifically developed for the N. American market.  Many time attack and drag racing cars are seeking for 17" diameter with hard to find wide width to accommodate 17" drag racing slicks and R-Compound DOT tires.  We selected SA72R original design for this application because its lighter weight, rigid triangular spoke design.  The new rim barrel shape offer greater stability and strength.  The spoke profile also provide ample amount of brake caliper clearance.  We choose the SA series also because the affordable price point.

MSRP Starting at: $350 (17 X 9.0)
Available in two popular colors - Circuit Black and Circuit Silver.

For detail specification, please click the PDF Data link below.