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Brilliance of SBC Polish Finish.  (SBC/P) Super Black Chrome / Polish
Kranze Weaval EVO is finished with WEDS signature finish SBC/P.  SBC/P is a specially formulated paint and application process that provides a sophisticated and high polish image.  It is a signature finish among the Kranze series wheels.

Attention to Detail
Kranze Weaval EVO emphasis on sharpness and spoke length.  The exceptional details offers high luxury image as the 3-Piece version without the higher price point and guess work.



Optional Red Air Valve Cap Set #52226 is sold separately.


JWL / VIA Tested & Certified

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Each Kranze Weaval EVO wheel include 13mm Knurl Air Valve Cap and Stem and Center Cap.

AVAILABLE SIZES: 18 19 20 21 22

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TPMS Compatible
Kranze Weaval EVO is design to be compatible with most vehicles factory TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) sensor.  No need to use adapters.
** Some vehicles may use unconventional TPMS sensor.  Please contact us for verification.