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* Limited Quantities Available.
* Availability are subject to change without prior notice.

​Kranze Bazreia,  one of the most iconic Weds Kranze wheels has come to the end of its production life.  The Bazreia has been found on VIP, Drift and Hellaflush style vehicles for over a decade.  This iconic wheel will be missed.

Weds Wheels North America have requested our factory to make one last production run.  Sizes will range from 18" ~ 20".  These wheels are being sold at a huge discount;  please check with our authorized dealers.

Color: 18" ~ 19" (Silver Polish Finish Only - Top Photo)​
            20" (Hyper Chrome Only)

Bolt Pattern: 5H-112 / 5H-114.3 / 5H-120 (No Additional Charge)


Each Wheel Includes:
(1) 90 Degree Air Valve Stem (VS407W)
​(1) Center Cap (Select any one of the 4 below).